Tuesday, 1 November 2011


UNIT 14 : DAY 3

Theme :  World of Knowledge
Topic : Unit 14: Uncle Foon’s Stall

Focus: Writing

Content Standard(s) : 2.1. Able to blend two to four phonemes into recognizable
                                        words  and read them aloud. 
                                       3.2 By the end of the 6 year  primary schooling, pupils will
                                        be able to write using  appropriate language, form  and style
                                     for a range of  purposes.
Learning Standard(s) : 2.1.2 (e) Able to recognise and articulate initial, medial and the final
                                        sounds  in single syllable words within given context: 
                                        - /h/    /b/  /f/   /l/  (h)  (b)  (f,ff)  (l,ll) /s/  (ss).
    3.2.4 Able to spell common sight words and seen  words.

Objectives : By the end of the lesson pupils should be able to trace the letter ‘s’ and
write words ending with ‘ss’ sound.

Activities :
1.    Teacher introduces the letter ‘s’.
2.    Teacher teaches the relation between the graphemes and the phonemes.
3.    Get pupils to trace the letters.
4.    Pupils follow the teacher reads aloud the words ending with ‘ss’ sound.
5.    Pupils find and circle the words in word maze and list the words.

Teaching Aids : Text book,interactive cd-rom and activity book.

Teaching & Learning
                  Strategies :  Mastery learning
Added-Value :    (TMK)

Reflection :

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